Guest Blog: Millennial Irish Mammy tells us what women want

WHAT DO YOU WANT??!! A withered Ryan Gosling screams at his crazy-in-love other half (probably the most relatable Ryan Gosling has ever been to most men!) Mel Gibson also tried his hand at figuring this out on the big screen with amusing results.

The million dollar question… what do women want?

Well here’s what I think (most) women want:

  • To eat freely without gaining weight (or guilt)
  • To undertake minimal exercise & be toned
  • Uninterrupted baths
  • Hangover free booze
  • Someone that can do the housework just the way you like it
  • Regular scheduled friend time
  • Flexible working hours
  • Heels that don’t hurt
  • Periods that don’t hurt… and only bleed at night
  • Births that don’t hurt
  • To skip the menopause
  • Hair that doesn’t go grey
  • Make Up that removes itself while you sleep
  • To not be underestimated at work
  • Equal pay
  • Accurate screenings for female cancers
  • Affordable childcare
  • Partners who are attracted to you for your personality as well as packaging
  • Partners who don’t expect you to look like Kendall Jenner 24/7
  • Partners who can see when you are breaking (before you actually break)
  • Partners who are partners, who give as well as take
  • To be believed when they open up about trauma- no matter how “silly” it might seem to others
  • To be able to walk alone without looking over their shoulder

Not too much to ask surely?

Yes some of these things are frivolous & stereotypical, and that’s ok…

Some of these things are not frivolous at all, and it could be said those are the most elusive… and the ones we NEED the most. Some are even a matter of life and death.

The most painful part of the existence of all these wants and needs is that women have to rely so heavily on men to provide them; be it partners, bosses, front line workers, decision makers, political leaders.

So when we see women putting themselves out there, pushing forward, speaking up, shouting out, sticking their heads above the predominantly male crowd, we MUST raise them up. We must rally together.

That’s the bottom line of what women want. And what they truly need.

Do you have what you want? More importantly, do you have what you need?

PS: this piece started out as light & maybe even a bit funny but my brain went on a more serious tangent… so here’s a completely gratuitous Ryan Gosling pic; yes I know you’ve been thinking about him since you opened this link! You’re welcome, the internet is great isn’t it?

Millennial Irish Mammy is Michelle O’Brien, a Mammy of two young boys, living in the wilds of rural Co. Limerick. Her blog a series of short insights into all things modern motherhood, feminism, and life in general. 

Check out Michelle’s blog at www.millennialirishmammy.com, find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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