Guest Blog: 5 Reasons Moms are Superheroes

Raising children is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a mom then you know just how difficult and beautiful it can be. I have a whole new appreciation for parents and what they do day in, day out, now that I am one. Let’s take a little look at what it’s really like for those of us super humans raising these little people—the good, the bad, the ugly. 

1.  We Never Go To The Bathroom Alone 

Well, your kids love you so much that they want to be with you when you are in the bathroom, taking a shower, talking on the phone, trying to fold laundry, attempting to have sex, or just wanting to rest your eyes for a few minutes on the couch. They want to be with you all the time because, well, their love for you is unconditional and mind-boggling. Congrats to you. 

2.  We Never Sleep Alone

We moms take lack of sleep as apart of our new life and we’re still rockstars during the day. I have woken up too many times to stinky, sticky feet in my face from a child who snuck into my room at 2 AM. Not only that, but we get up every 2 hours when they’re newborns to keep them alive and still have to function during the day. Add in siblings and well, we just kiss the sleep goodbye. Sleep was something we did in our former lives. 

3. We’re Proud, Not Offended

Imagine this. You step out of the shower and your 4 year old says to you, “Wow mommy! Those are huge!” Or let’s just say hypothetically that you’re in a public bathroom and your daughter says quite loudly “why is there hair right there!?” Parenting will keep you humble, that’s for sure. We smile and give our kids a kind response, even when they’ve just told us our teeth are yellow. Thanks kids. 

4.We Grow And Push Babies Out Of A Small Space…

I had “morning” sickness, but the name tricks you because it lasted all day for months. It gets hard to move, breathe, eat, and lay down.  Some women experience “pregnancy brain” and put pepper in the fridge, or can’t remember washing their hair in the shower. Not to mention, acid reflux, stretch marks, lack of sleep, losing our hair, lightning crotch, exhaustion, hormone fluctuations, anxiety attacks, Restless Leg Syndrome, sore breasts, constipation, bloating, gas, and acne. Oh! And after all that we go through labor and push the baby out into the world.  I think it’s clear, we’re definitely superheroes. 

5. We Are Professional Jugglers  

Moms are constantly keeping so many balls in the air. We’re so good at juggling that we could easily run away and join the circus. Moms know where the lost things are, we keep track of what’s for dinner, plan vacations, help our husbands, make sure homework gets done, and tend to the emotional needs of everyone in the house. It’s a lot for anyone and we keep doing it every day. Talk about mental overload! 

Superhero Status 

Here is the real reason we are super-heroes. We choose them. We choose those sleepless nights, changing poopy blow out diapers, staying home with sick kids, patiently helping with homework, and preparing balanced meals. We choose to sacrifice our own needs, for the needs of others and that is the biggest accomplishment of all. 

There is nothing like being a mom. It’s something beautiful and kind of crazy. The thing is, all the pros outweigh the cons every time. The joy, smiles, laughter, and pure contentment that comes from being with our kids is something we would not change for the world.  Being a parent is the best decision I ever made, and I’m sure it was yours too. 

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am a stay at home mom to three littles! We are currently preparing for a big move abroad to my husband’s home country, Ireland. We are so excited for this new chapter as we explore all that Ireland has to offer! To follow along on our journey as an expat family you can check out my blog www.mommy2mummy.com and find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! 

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