Mum Tribe Meets

Parenting in a pandemic is difficult to say the least.  The usual services available for mothers have been cut and we are finding an increasing number of mum’s reporting feeling isolated and stressed.

We are so delighted to partner with DoulaCare Ireland who will host our free virtual Mum Tribe Meets once a month to give Irish mothers much needed support.  Like all Mum Tribe activities, we want mothers to feel comfortable and relaxed.We also welcome women through all stages of motherhood.  We know first hand how difficult it can be to make mum friends so we will have an exclusive meet up group you can join after the event where you can continue the conversation and get to know one another.    

DoulaCare Ireland is the brainchild of Mary Tighe and Jen Crawford. Mary and Jen are two of the most experienced doulas in Ireland and widely known and respected for the work that they do.  In 2016 they decided to join forces and bring their skills and knowledge together to create an all encompassing Doula Agency and Doula training company.

DoulaCare Ireland offers a team of over 45 doulas across Ireland who will support you every step of the way as you prepare for your upcoming birth and early parenting journey. Anyone using DoulaCare Ireland will have the reassurance that the doulas they represent have all been carefully selected because of their training, knowledge and experience. Your doula will have the highest professional standards including insurance, Garda vetting and work under a Code of Ethics.  DoulaCare offer postpartum support (in person or virtual). If you are an Irish Life Health customer you might also be able to avail of postpartum services through their partnership with them – and not have to pay a penny. They also offer birth and postpartum training for anyone wanting to train as a doula. You can find out more about them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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