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As our new normal stretches out before us and more and more families are spending milestone events apart we thought we would share some thoughts about different ways to celebrate family occasions in a fun and eco way.

Having a birthday in the family around this time may seem a little overwhelming in terms of how to possibly celebrate it. It might initially feel like there is nothing you can do to take it a fun milestone without the birthday girl or boy feeling like they are missing out.

Picnics are a super way to celebrate and Planet Sustie have a range of picnic party cups, plates, cutlery and napkins all assisting in making the day special. By using compostable plates and cups etc you can teach the children about what composting is. We will supply you with a compostable refuse sack with every order so all the waste food, dirty plates and cups can be put in the bag and dumped in the brown bin when you get home.

Pick a venue
Even choosing the venue can be fun. A little corner of your garden can be decorated with bunting or balloons to make it a special place. A park is always a good place where social distancing can be observed. Now that we can go 5K as opposed to 2k there will be a few more choices of places to go and still keep within the guidelines. It might be a fun task for the children to make decorations themselves – bunting etc. Trees can be decorated before the picnic starts. Just remember to dispose of these responsibly afterwards!!

Children love to be involved in preparing for events like this and it is also a great way of helping them understand food waste, homemade food and the art of cooking and the excitement of planning a party. You can still meet friends for a picnic and keep socially distant so maybe divide up the jobs and let the other family prepare the goodies while you prepare sandwiches.
Help children to understand the different times we are living in by explaining that you don’t always need a play centre or bouncy castle to have fun and the downside of single use plastics in our lives.

Whether it is just going to be your own family or maybe your cousins that are joining in making your own invitations is also a cool way of making the occasion more special.

Fun stuff
Planet Sustie have plastic free party bags so you can pop your Rice Krispie bun into them and maybe a toy from our range of long lasting and useful wooden party bag fillers so everyone gets a treat.
We have cute yo-yos, skipping ropes and spinning tops in loads of shapes and sizes which can be used during the party to learn a new skill. Street chalk is another great way for the children to express their artistic side at the picnic party.

Bringing along some music means that you can play lots of games like moving statues (good game for social distancing).
Feed the birds or play a game of trying to identify as many birds as possible. Ask everyone to say something about the birthday girl or boy – a memory of when they were a baby or a funny story.

Wrap presents in pillowcases – no need for wrapping paper. Siblings might like to look around the house for possible presents in the form of painting something or drawing a picture. Old photos put together is also a nice idea. You could also record a surprise TikTok for the celebration!
Parents have the purchasing power to make the world for their children a better place to live in. Choose products that won’t cost the earth.

Check out for everything you need for a fun party without the waste. We are on Instagram at @planetsustie and Facebook at Planet Sustie.
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