Psychologist and mum Stacey Ball of mental health apps Insight: For Stress & Anxiety and Insight Kids joins us for our Mum Tribe Connects session on the 20th of February to talk about stress and anxiety with a focus on developing understanding, coping and self-compassion for children and parents.

In this session Stacey will discuss how to manage anxiety in children and teens covering:

– An overview of the anxiety response in children

– The ‘fight or flight’ response

– How to teach children about the ‘fight or flight’ response

– How to develop coping skills and emotional literacy in the home via different parental responses

– Common pitfalls to avoid when responding to anxiety in children

– Strategies we can use to manage our own stress and anxiety as parents

All ticket holders will be entered in to a draw to win a 12 month subscription to the app worth €80!

About Insight:

Insight is a family of apps designed to provide whole family support for stress and anxiety. The parent app is specifically designed to support parents if they are stressed or anxious themselves, or if they are parenting a stressed and / or anxious child, with a focus on developing understanding, coping and self-compassion. Insight is an Irish app and all content is developed by a team of practicing psychologists.

How Can Insight Help the Entire Family?

* Insight is unique in that it offers separate tailored platforms for parents, teens and children

* Varied content based on your child’s needs and age

* Evidence-based articles and podcasts written and delivered by our team of practicing clinical and educational psychologists

* Content that addresses the most common difficulties that clients present with in clinic

* Regularly updated with topical content

* Exercises and tools to manage stress and anxiety in the moment

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