We know how overwhelming motherhood can be, especially if you don’t have the support you desperately need throughout your journey. Now more than ever mum’s are isolated and missing out on rites of motherhood. And we want to change that.

We are so delighted to introduce Mum Tribe Connects, monthly expert led sessions covering everything from post natal care, to breastfeeding, sleep and behavioral clinics. We always say, everyone wants to prioritise the baby – but who prioritises the mum? Not only will we run child and baby focused sessions, we will also have experts delivering essential advice on parenting, relationships, health, finances and mental health because you matter too! We know ourselves that you can’t pour from an empty cup – so we want to fill yours with empowering and inspiring information to help you through one of the most important periods of your life.

We have so many wonderful accredited experts lined up and we cant wait to welcome you! Details of our next Mum Tribe Connects event can be found here.

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