3 Steps to Happiness from Mind Mommy Coaching

cheerful mother and daughter having fun on bed at home
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Our selfcare culture would make us believe that booking a spa day or taking a long bath is
all you need to reset and feel “happier”. However, as a mother I know it takes much more
than that. Mothers need support and an action plan to help them overcome the challenges
parenting has presented and in time pursue opportunities they now want to achieve given
their new life position.
Many of my clients at Mind Mommy Coaching come to me with the goal of becoming
“happier”. That’s great. But here’s the thing, happiness means many different things to
different people. Happiness won’t find you-you have to go and find it for yourself. And being
happier is usually a direct result or consequence of achieving a change in life..
To help my Mommy clients achieve that change, we first have to identify what that change is.
I use what I call the “3 Steps to Happiness” challenge to identify this change and steps
required to achieve it.

Step 1: What does happiness mean to you? Ask yourself what it really means to you? How do you feel when you are happy? Do you feel more secure? Do you feel more at peace? Does it mean you are having more fun? Think
about it and write down the emotions you experience when you are happy.

Step 2: Imagine you are happier, describe what is happening in all aspects of your life? (E.g.
career, finance, family, relationships, mental health, physical health etc.) Which area(s) is
different to what it currently is? Which area(s) does the change need to occur? E.g. If I am
happier, I am spending more time with my family and have changed my career.

Step 3: Now that you’ve described it, what is the specific change or changes that need to
E.g. I want to find a career that allows me the flexibility to work part time so that I
can spend more time with my family.

The change is now identified. The goal or goals are now clear.

Now we are really clear what needs to happen to allow you to be happier. At Mind Mommy
Coaching, this is where I help Mothers identify a specific plan of action that empowers them
to achieve their goal of change and ultimately be happier.
And this is exactly why Mind Mommy Coaching was set up. I help mothers through this ever-
evolving mental transition of motherhood but most importantly to help mothers find
themselves Be it as a first-time mother in this new role, or a mother of teenagers, Mind
Mommy Coaching can support you to overcome challenges, pursue opportunities and
ultimately be the best version of yourself.
To find out more visit https://mindmommycoaching.com/ or follow Mind Mommy Coaching on Instagram

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