Work from home essentials from HuntOffice.ie

woman carrying her baby and working on a laptop
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels.com

Ireland has one of the highest rates of remote working in Europe, and with the majority of women now juggling childcare and employed work life at home. While it might be convenient to turn up to work in your pyjamas, working from home can be challenging too – especially if you don’t have a dedicated work space. Many of our kitchen tables have been converted to an office space, we participate in zoom meetings from the bedroom and reply to emails in the utility room.

What do you need to create a great work from home space? Mum Tribe Business sponsors HuntOffice.ie have some fantastic options to set you up.

  1. A great desk. We love this industrial style Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser from HuntOffice.ie. Iedal for tight spaces with its small foot print and offers 2 levels of desk space with the added riser. The desk top can fit your laptop, notebooks, and office essentials while the riser can be used to keep items close by but out of your way. Plus the mental hair pin legs add a gorgeous mid-century feel.

If you are short on space then a compact desk is ideal, we love this style wall mounted desk that folds away once your working day is over.

2. A chair with good back support. Is it just us or is your back starting to ache a bit more? Lifting kids, housework and sitting on unsupportive chairs can aggravate niggles. The NV posture chair from Hunt Office has a unique curved backrest designed to perfectly align, support and protect your spine, back and neck while working. And we love that it’s on wheels, so if your office space is in an open plan room you can wheel it wherever you need to – no more lugging around heavy kitchen chairs!

3. Storage, storage and more storage. Stationary and paperwork quickly stacks up when you don’t have the office filing cabinets and storage to use. Start small at first, get your desk top tidied with a stationary holder and then look to include some clever storage solutions that suit your work. HuntOffice.ie have a huge range here .

4. Nice notebooks. There’s something about lists making everything seem a bit more manageable. Brain dump everything you need to do on paper and use different books for different topics. We regularly have three on the go – one for work, life admin and other projects. It keeps things organised and makes us feel less stressed. Plus a lovely notebook makes the to do list less daunting.

5. Get your focus on with good quality headphones. From zoom meetings to listening to your favourite podcast while you work – earphones are an essential piece of work from home kit. Cordless options get our thumbs up – you can still stay in contact while you quickly dash to answer the front door or grab a coffee.

Our Mum Tribe Business sponsors HuntOffice.ie have given us a discount code so you can save 5% off your next order.

HuntOffice.ie was established in 1999.  They are the largest Irish owned office supplies company and website. The goal at HuntOffice.ie is to provide their customers with a one stop shop for all their stationary, technology, work from home and art and craft needs.  They carry over 150,000 products from everyday stationery to furniture, warehouse products and canteen supplies plus they carry a fabulous range of garden furniture too. They offer their customers the best customer service every time they order from HuntOffice.ie.

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