Guest Blog: 5 organisation hacks you need

It can be overwhelming at times trying to keep the family home running smoothly. Mum’s have many jobs to do, from housekeeper, chef, teacher, administrator, counsellor, doctor, laundry service, chauffeur, and playmate. This can leave us wishing there were more hours in the day.

Being organized can help. When you are organized you spend less time looking for things, less time cleaning, less time nagging. All that extra time means more time to spend with your family, or even more time for yourself!

Talathy O’Sullivan of Super Sorted has shared her top 5 tips for family organization:

Set up a donation bin.

Between growth spurts and changing interests. (Dinosaurs were all the rage last year but they’ve moved onto Minecraft). Kids grow fast! Clothing and toys need to constantly be decluttered because new things are always coming into the house. I find before Christmas or birthdays is a great time to edit toys. Clothing clear outs can be done just before the next season starts.

Label everything.

Labels help everyone in the household know where items belong, making it easier for everyone to put things back exactly where they belong. If your kids are below reading age, pictures can be used instead of text on labels.

Set limits. 

Kids love collecting little trinkets and treasures, but they can quickly get out of control. Try keeping them in a designated box. Explain to your kids that when the box gets full, they will have to decide to let go of something. My daughter has a drawer to keep her stuffed animals in. When the drawer gets full, it’s time to get rid of some. When the book shelf is full it’s time to decide which books no longer suit. And so on. 

      Get the family involved.

Whenever I find the house getting out of control, we play a game called “Clean         10”.  Everyone picks 10 things around the house to put away. This game teaches kids to not only put their own things away but to help others clean up too. It also appeals to kid’s competitive nature. Who gets the easier stuff to put away?  Who will be finished first? When I play “Clean 10” with my two kids that’s 30 items put away in a short amount of time.

    Get ready the night before

Having everyone get their things ready the night before keeps stress at bay in the mornings. Older kids can check their school bags, lay out their clothes and get parts of their lunch ready. Breakfast items could even be left out for the morning. This sets everyone up for a great start to their day.

Always remember to be kind to yourself. Your home is meant to be lived in! If you are struggling or find yourself time poor, consider hiring a professional who can help set up systems tailored to your own family’s needs. Having systems in place will teach kids good habits that will last a lifetime.

Talathy O’Sullivan is the brains behind www.supersorted.ie to get you organised. You can check her out on Instagram and Facebook

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